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How To Dress In Style This Holiday Season

This year’s holiday celebrations might be a little different than ever due to Covid-19 but it does not mean people are staying home in pajamas all day. If you are gathering with your family and are unsure how to dress for this Holiday season keep reading.

Here are three different ideas for a stylish Fall and Winter.

Dress In Style Idea 1: Dress Shoes, Jeans, Belt, and Pattern Button-up

Formal Shoes and Formal Dress Button Up

The first idea to dress in style this Holiday Season is wearing a white button up with fun pattern prints in a different color. Dress up this “casual” outfit with a dark pair of jeans and your favorite brown pair of dress shoes. Complete your look with your favorite brown AZ belt.

In this case, for example, if you are going to wear brown shoes match a belt that is in the same color or “color family.” If you don’t have a belt to match it with, try a bold color belt - like red to stand out. 

Dress In Style Idea 2: Dress Boots, Jeans, Belts and Wool Pull-Over

Thanksgiving Dinner With Crewneck

Another classic Thanksgiving or Holiday look is the pullover wool sweater with boots. 

There are different ways to dress in style with a pullover sweater. To begin with, pick a tan or grey wool sweater (any other color works). Wear light jeans if the sweater is a light color or darker jeans if the sweater is a darker color. Now for the accessories, pick a pair of dress boots that look best with this outfit and pick a belt that matches the shininess of the boots. 

If you are attending a nice dinner celebration, you can go ahead and dress this look up by adding a coat and by wearing a white button up shirt underneath showing the collard and a layer of it under the sweater. 

If this is a more casual celebration another option when wearing a pullover sweater and a button up underneath is to get rid of the coat. This gives it a more casual look especially if you also switch the dress boots with some flat shoes or loafers.

Dress In Style Idea 3: Dress Shoes, Jeans, Belt, Turtleneck

Turtleneck Styles

Our last idea for a stylish Holiday look that is trending this 2020 is wearing a dark color turtleneck. A turtleneck gives men a sophisticated look especially when it is tucked in dress pants and worn with dark dress shoes with a belt that matches the same color family as the shoes.

You can pair this turtleneck with or without a coat. Remember to check out our previous blog “How To Style A Belt” to learn what color belts to choose for specific outfits and how to differentiate between a casual and a formal belt. 

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