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Formal Belts vs Casual Belts

What is the difference between casual belts and formal belts? 

For starters a casual belt is wider than a formal belt. There are belts for every occasion and there is nothing worse than wearing the wrong style of belt. No worries, we are here to help. After reading this blog you will instantly know what belts best complete your outfit.

There are a few key differences to watch out for between a casual belt and a formal belt. 


The Beauty of Casual Belts

These types of belts are for lifestyle use or a relaxed day. Jeans, cargo pants and shorts look best with wide casual belts. The beauty of a casual belt is that it can be worn as a statement or an accent accessory. A statement belt is the main focus of your outfit, pulling it together. An accent belt is worn for support - it pulls your outfit together but it does not steal the spotlight. Find a belt width of 35 millimeters to 45 millimeters for a casual look.

Casual belts for men everyday style

For beginners

Try to find a belt that matches your shoe color. If you do not have a close match, don’t worry any belt color in the same color family as your shoes will work. 

However, if you have brown shoes and no brown or tan belt then you should pick a belt that in no way matches your shoes. Going out of your comfort zone will create a stylish statement look. Don’t be afraid to bend the “leather matching leather” rule.


What Type Of Formal Belts Should I Go For? 

Now, let’s talk about how to best dress with formal belts. The first rule is to buy a narrow belt ideally 32 millimeters wide. Also, formal belts should never be a statement but instead an accent accessory. These belts pull your whole look together for a crisp style and are not meant to be the main focus of your outfit. Formal belts are ideal for any business meeting, formal event or dinner setting. A formal belt should look sleek and shiny. Remember to match the shininess of your belt with the shininess of your shoes.

Formal Belts for Men's business or formal events

What Belt Size Should I Buy?

Easy, if you know your pant size then you know your belt size. We would advise buying a belt one size larger than your current waist size. A size larger is recommended because the belt not only goes around the waist but also trousers, underwear and the shirt if tucked in.

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